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Dipl.-Jur. Marvin Gülker, usually quintus on the Internet (with the shown avatar). Assistant Scientist at the University of Passau, Chair for Public Law, Media Law, and Information Law (hold by Prof. Dr. Kai von Lewinski). Research focus on Information Law. Free Software programmer, and as such leader of the free and open-source 2D jump’n’run game “The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M.”. Moderator of the only German Ruby mailinglist and translator of the official Ruby News. Owner of several old typewriters.

The opinions expressed on this website are solely my own ones. They are not necessaryly identical to my employer’s opinions.

Contact information may be found on the Contact page.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Completed high school in Menden/Sauerland, Germany.
  • Studied Law at the Ruhr University Bochum from 2013 to 2020. Within this time:
    • Repeatedly employed at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and IT, and later at the Chair for Civil Law, International Private Law and Comparison of Law, Trade and Commercial Law hold by Prof. Dr. Renate Schaub.
    • Internship at the Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.
    • Earned a specialisation certificate in Intellectual Property Law, Data Protection, and IT Security.
  • Completed the German First National Exam in Law (“Erstes Staatsexamen”) and received the academic degree “Diplom-Jurist (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)”.
  • Since 2020 Assistant Scientist at the Chair for Public Law, Media Law, and Information Law hold by Prof. Dr. Kai von Lewinski.


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Scientific works


  • §§ 29, 30 TTDSG, in: Auernhammer (founder), DSGVO/BDSG, 8the ed. 2024.
  • Entry „Algorithmus“, in: Ebers (ed.), StichwortKommentar Legal Tech, 2023, pp. 41-68.


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  • Supplement 2/2022 of Kommunikation und Recht 2022, pp. 29 ff.: Superindividual Problems in Data Protection Law = Gülker, in: Gräfe/Telemedicus (eds.), Tagungsband zur Sommerkonferenz 2022, 2022, pp. 76 ff. (German)
  • Zeitschrift zum Innovations- und Technikrecht 2022, pp. 22 ff.: The CJEU, decompilation, and the software bug (German)
  • Zeitschrift zum Innovations- und Technikrecht 2021, pp. 90 ff.: The Protection of Interfaces, especially of APIs, under Copyright Law – Part 2 (German) [PDF]
  • Deutsches Verwaltungsblatt 2021, pp. 633 ff.: Basic Questions about EU, Constitutional, and Data Protection Law Related to the German Law on Register Modernisation (RegMoG) (together with Prof. Dr. von Lewinski) (German)
  • Zeitschrift zum Innovations- und Technikrecht 2021, pp. 27 ff.: The Protection of Interfaces, especially of APIs, under Copyright Law – Part 1 (German) [PDF]
  • Computer & Recht 2021, pp. 66 ff.: Protection of technical copyright protection measures in computer programmes? (German)
  • Ad Legendum 2020, pp. 266 ff.: Discussion of GCC judgment “Right to be forgotten II” (German)
  • Der Jurist 2018, pp. 143 ff.: The Protection of Computer Programmes under Patent Law (German; won a prize by Noerr)

Recognised contributions

  • v. Lewinski, Europa-, verfassungs- und datenschutzrechtliche Grundfragen des Registermodernisierungsgesetzes (RegMoG), statement for the committee on inner politics of the German Parliament (Bundestag), committee document no. 19(4)667 B, 2020-12-08
  • v. Lewinski/Rüpke/Eckhardt, Datenschutzrecht, 2nd ed., 2022


The avatar is an excerpt from a photo by Sailko from the Wikimedia Commons and is licensed under CC-BY 3.0 Unported.