Quintus’ Open-Source Projects

Fernschreiber X

Fernschreiber X is my attempt at creating a modern XMPP client meant for the desktop. There are great clients for smartphones already (like Conversations), but a good desktop client has not yet been developed. Since XMPP is multi-device-ready right from the standard, this situation is insufficient.

This is where Fernschreiber X comes in. It is not in a usable state yet and is still heavily being developed. It lacks all the features you know from even old XMPP clients, but I had to start somewhere.

Fernschreiber X is written in Go and has been created from scratch, i.e., it does not build upon any existing XMPP library. Those that I found did not meet my requirements (like not using select(3) on the TCP socket and looping over it – bad for your battery due to high CPU use). It’s a Gtk+ application and features a multi-thread (goroutine) setup. This architecture enables it to use blocking I/O, and thereby doesn’t strain your battery.


There is not, and for a long time will not be, a stable release. All you can do is clone the Git repository. It is available publically here:

$ git clone git://git.guelker.eu/fernschreiberx.git

You can browse the repository online.


If you want to contribute, please contact me first. The project is in such an early state that I most likely won’t accept any larger contribution that has not in advance been announced to me.


The project is currently proprietary. Once it reaches a reasonably stable state, I will release it under an open-source license (most likely the GNU GPL). Get in touch with me if you want to accelerate the release process by helping.