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Uranus is a planet (blogroll) generator written in pure Ruby. It collects RSS or Atom feeds from the Internet and combines them into a single website and a collective feed that users can subscribe to.

Uranus was created because the popular Planet generator is unmaintained nowadays and has severe problems with sites only available via HTTPS, which is the correct way to deliver websites nowadays. There is only one other maintained alternative, Pluto, which is also written in Ruby, but has three major shortcomings:

  1. It has no real tutorial documentation.
  2. It depends on lots of RubyGems stuff.
  3. It wants to be a one-size-fits-all program with lots of features.

Uranus has none of these disadvantages. It runs everywhere an ordinary installation of the Ruby programming language is available. There is no need to know RubyGems or dive into the Ruby universe to install Uranus. It is also documented (take a look at the README) and restricts itself to the core task: Downloading feeds, combining them, and outputting them as a web page and a collective feed.

If you want to take a look at a planet created with Uranus, you may visit the German Ruby planet.

Source code

I have not yet made releases of Uranus, i.e. you need to download it from Git. You can either browse the repository online or clone it to your local machine:

$ git clone git://git.guelker.eu/uranus.git


Uranus’ documentation is its README file.


Uranus is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 or later.