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You can subscribe to this website via an RSS feed. The following feeds are provided:

All articles published on this blog are categorised. The category information is available in the feeds’ metadata. The RSS feeds additionally include pointers to my recently published scientific articles. The respective entries are consequently tagged with the special category “Publications” which allows to filter this category if desired.

Technical note: Actually, these feeds are Atom feeds. This however does not matter anymore with today's feedreader software.

How to subscribe to an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is a subscribible source of news on the web. It can be subscribed to with a programme called a “feed reader”, which checks all configured sources for new entries; it is thus possible to subscribe to multiple sources without having to check the websites manually. Compared to social networks, feeds are privacy-friendly. Free feed readers exist for all operating systems, and in addition to this, some e-mail clients contain feed reader functionality. For instance, the free and powerful e-mail programme Thunderbird contains a feed reader. Use of Thunderbird can be recommended for handling e-mails as well.